Georgia Fails to Comply with Standards to Eliminate Trafficking – US Reports

(Tbilisi, June 8, Civil Georgia) – “Georgia is a source and transit country for women trafficked primarily to Turkey and Greece for purposes of sexual exploitation and domestic servitude,” Trafficking in Persons Report released by the US Department of State says.

“The Government of Georgia does not yet fully comply with minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so,” Trafficking in Persons reports.

According to the document the government of Georgia has expressed the willingness to combat trafficking but has limited resources to fund projects.

“Government officials are suspected of involvement in the production of fraudulent travel documents and in complicity with travel agencies as fronts for trafficking,” the report says.

Document reports that there is no specialized training for law enforcement by the government. There are only a few victim protection services and these are provided by NGOs.

Among the positive tendencies in this respect the report emphasizes on the creation of the new border monitoring systems and trainings for border guards that is provided by the international organizations.

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