Locals in Rustavi

(Tbilisi, June 9, Civil Georgia) – Local self-governance elections started this morning in Rustavi, main town of Kvemo Kartli region, near Tbilisi, where the locals were canceled last Sunday because of hijacking voting ballots.

At this time ballots were peacefully delivered to all the constituencies of Rustavi.

Besides the election of Sakrebulo (city council), election of Rustavi Mayor is being held today.

Mayoral candidature Merab Tkeshelashvili, supporter of Zurab Zhvania, has high chances to be elected on the post of the Rustavi Mayor.

NGO coalition, which observes the locals in Rustavi, reports that by the morning only the minor procedural violations have been noticed during the elections.

As Tamuna Kaldani of NGO coalition told the Civil Georgia the main procedural violation for this moment is that the ballots are not stamped that means that those ballots will be annulled. According to Kaldani appeals have already been written concerning this violation.

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