Final Results of the Locals in Tbilisi Announced

Central Election Commission announced final results of the local self-governance elections in Tbilisi, held on June 2. As the experts predicted none of the political group could obtain absolute majority of the seats in Tbilisi City Council – Sakrebulo.

According to the votes counted in all the 394 constituencies in Tbilisi the Labors Party of Georgia obtains the most of the seats in Tbilisi Sakrebulo. The seats in Georgian capital’s city council are distributed as follows:

1. Labor Party of Georgia – 25.5 % – 15 seats.
2. “Election Bloc “National Movement-Democratic Front” – 23.75% – 14 seats.
3. New Rights – 11.36% – 7 seats.
4. “Christian-Conservative Party of Georgia” – 7.27% – 4 seats.
5. Electoral Bloc ” Industry Will Save Georgia” – 7.13% – 4 seats.
6. Electoral Bloc “Revival -XXI” (Revival -XXI Century) – 6.34% – 3 seats.
7. Bloc “Unity” – 4.13% – 2 seats.

Although the final results are already known it is still unclear the exact composition of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo so far. Six leading Parliamentarians obtained seats in Sakrebulo. But only Levan Gachechiladze, leader of the New Rights Party, expressed willingness to become the Sakrebulo member and has already left the Parliament.

Other leading MPs – Mikheil Saakashvili (National Movement), Gogi Topadze (Industry will Save Georgia), Giorgi Targamadze (Revival) Eldar Shengelaia (Vice Speaker of the Parliament), Giorgi Baramidze and Elene Tevdoradze (Christian-Conservative Party – Zurab Zhvania’s Team) – still hesitate to announce that they leave the Parliament and go into Sakrebulo.

4 MPs out of these 6 are the leading members of the “reformers” team in the parliament. According to the analysts, it is hardly possible that reformers would give up four parliamentary seats, especially as even in Sakrebulo they would not have an absolute majority – Mikheil Saakashvili’s National Movement and Zurab Zhvania’s Team together will be able to form only 19-member coalition.

Besides, recently Giorgi Baramidze was named the Chairman of the newly formed Parliamentary faction the Democrats, Eldar Shengelaia and Elene Tevdoradze are also the members of the faction. 

So it seems that Levan Gachechiladze will become the only well-known person in Sakrebulo.

There are still no final results available for the local elections in the regions of Georgia. According to the Central Election Commission’s preliminary information the New Rights Party and the Industry will Save Georgia, together with the independent candidates obtained the most of the seats in local Sakrebulos of the provincial districts, mainly in the western Georgia. The former ruling and the pro-Presidential Citizens’ Union of Georgia party won the locals only in Telavi provincial district (eastern Georgia).