CUG Wants the President to Lead the Party Again

(Tbilisi, June 12, Civil Georgia) – The assembly of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia (CUG) party, which is now fully controlled by the pro-Presidential group, will be held this summer and discuss the issue of reorganization of the party.

As Irakli Gogava, Chairman of the pro-Presidential Alliance for New Georgia Parliamentary faction and the CUG member, says President Shevardnadze will be re-elected on the of the party’s chairman. President Shevardnadze left the CUG chairmanship post last September.

At the new conference today Gogava said that the reorganization of the government would also be discussed at the assembly. The CUG is not satisfied with the current government and the State Minister agrees with this position, Gogava stated.

“The government should be composed with the representatives of the CUG party. I hope by the September we will have a new government,” Irakli Gogava said.

Pro-Presidential faction of the CUG could take over the party after the conflict with supporters of Zurab Zhvania, former Parliamentary Chairman.

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