Final Results of Locals in Rustavi

(Tbilisi, June 14, Civil Georgia) – The district election commission of Rustavi, main town of Kvemo Kartli region, announced today the final results of the local elections held in Rustavi on June 9.

Mikheil Saakashvili’s National Movement obtained the most of the seats (4) in Rustavi Sakrebulo. The Citizens’ Union of Georgia party – 2 seats; the Labors Party – 2; Socialists – 1; Revival-XXI – 1; the New Rights Party – 1.

As anticipated the on the post of Rustavi Mayor was elected supporter of Zurab Zhvania’s Team Merab Tkeshelashvili.

The local election in Rustavi was scheduled for June 2 but was canceled because the voting ballots were hijacked.