CUG Doomed to Failure – Zhvania Says

(Tbilisi, June 18, Civil Georgia) – Citizens’ Union of Georgia (CUG) party is doomed to failure because it still tries to remain the governmental political group, former Parliamentary Chairman Zurab Zhvania said in the interview to the Rustavi 2 TV company on June 17.

After the successful intention to transform the CUG into opposition Zurab Zhvania had to leave the party and form its’ own political group, whose first meeting was held on June 17. The new political party is called the United Democrats.

CUG now is controlled with the pro-Presidential group. According to the unofficial information State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze intends to take the post of the CUG’s chairman.

“In case the CUG is an extension of the government, it will never achieve success,” Zurab Zhvania said.

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