Platoon Challenge Training at Camp Vaziani

(Tbilisi, June 18, Civil Georgia) – Platoon challenge training exercise was held at camp Vaziani today as a part of NATO/PfP Program Cooperative Best Effort 02.

Platoons of 13 NATO member and partner countries participated in the exercise, which considered jogging, setting up the radio connection, carrying the wounded and overcoming the obstacles.

Platoon challenge training started at 7.00 am and lasted till 2.00 pm. Soldiers were given class lectures afterwards.

The exercises at camp Vaziani are conducted on June 17-28. 6 member nations – Canada, Greece, Hungary, United Kingdom and the US as well as 9 partner nations – Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine participate in the drills.

The US and Ukraine are not presented with platoons at the Cooperative Best Effort 02.