Finance Minister Might Become CUG Member

(Tbilisi, June 25, Civil Georgia) – Unofficial reports say today that State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze asks Finance Minister Mirian Gogiashvili to become member of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia party, which is now fully controlled by the pro-Presidential group.

“I have not taken any decision concerning the issue, when I decide I will publicly announce it,” Mirian Gogiashvili told the reporters on June 25.

On June 29 assembly of the CUG party will be held. It is anticipated that State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze will be elected on the post of the CUG chairman. President Shevardnadze left the post of the Chairman last September.

After the reformers team of the CUG, led by Zurab Zhvania, left the party, the pro-Presidential group tries to reinforce the party.