Parliamentary Faction Initiates Impeachment Procedure of State Minister

(Tbilisi, July 2, Civil Georgia) – Parliamentary faction the Traditionalists initiates collection of the signatures of the MPs to launch the issue of impeachment of State Minister Avtandil Jorbenadze.

To start the discussion over the impeachment 118 signatures of MPs are necessary. At the moment together with the Traditionalists, the Democrats, New Rights, Movement for Democratic Reforms factions support the initiative. All these four factions can collect only 59 Parliamentarians’ signatures.

The Traditionalists faction’s leadership says that Avtandil Jorbenadze is responsible for the budgetary shortfall in the first quarter of 2002. The shortfall consisted 36 million Lari (approximately USD 18 million).

On July 2 the State Minister reports to the special session of the Parliament on fulfillment of the budget. 

In the beginning of the year MPs supported draft budget proposed by the government, only after the State Minister took the responsibility for the budgetary fulfillment.

Now Avtandil Jorbenadze states that he has already dismissed Finance and Tax Revenue Minister, who were responsible for the budgetary fulfillment and merged these two ministries. The State Minister says that these changes had a positive influence on the budgetary fulfillment.