Ballot-Paper Hijacker Suspect Denies Accusation

(Tbilisi, July 9, Civil Georgia) – Lawyers of suspect in voting ballot’s hijacking say Tinikashvili is not guilty. Former bodyguard of Levan Mamaladze, influential governor of Kvemo Kartli region, is suspected in hijacking voting ballots from Rustavi (main town in Kvemo Kartli region) during the June 2 local elections.

After the police detained Tinikashvili, suspected pleaded guilty, but now the lawyers say the suspected gave the evidences to the police under pressure.

The pro-Presidential Parliamentary faction leader Irakli Gogava stated at the news briefing on July 9 that the General Prosecutor’s Office, which investigates the case, is under Zurab Zhvania and Mikheil Saakashvili’s influence.

Gogava talked today on Deputy General Prosecutor Badri Bitsadze’s alleged conflict of interest. He is the husband of Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze, which is thought to be Zhvania’s supporter. 

The Democrats faction, led by Zurab Zhvania and Mikheil Saakashvili’s New National Movement demand resignation of Levan Mamaladze, as they claim influential governor masterminded ballot-papers’ hijacking to cancel the local elections in Rustavi.