GTEP in Progress without Problems

(Tbilisi, Civil Georgia, July 15, 2002) – At the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security and the representatives of the Defense Ministry on July 15 parties announced that the Georgia Train-and-Equip (GTEP) does not suffer with volunteers’ shortage any more and is in progress without problems.

According to the Defense Ministry at the moment up to 800 volunteers subscribed for participation in the program.

The third phase of the GTEP will start on August 27. The US military instructors will train 400 men commando battalion. On August 1 a preparatory stage will start at Krtsanisi field camp, which can accommodate 670 men. During this one-month period, 400 participants will be selected.

Earlier the Parliamentary Committee harshly criticized the Defense Ministry for the volunteers’ shortage that would cause termination of the GTEP.