Shaw Might Be Kidnapped not Only for Money – Interior Minister Says

(Tbilisi, Civil Georgia, July 17, 2002) – “The investigation has several versions on abduction case of Peter Shaw. We consider that the British citizen might be kidnapped not only for receiving ransom,” Georgian Interior Minister Koba Narchemashvili stated at the news briefing on July 17.

“Discrimination of Georgia and law enforcement agencies could be the one of the reasons of kidnapping foreigner. The group of criminals, which has committed the crime makes us think this way,” Narchemashvili said.

The Minister stated that the case would be investigated in the nearest future. The law enforcer officials claim almost every day that the British citizen will be released soon.

According to the Interior Ministry in last six months 37 crimes were committed against the foreign citizens in Georgia, most of them in Tbilisi.  

Co-director of the Agro-Business Bank of Georgia Peter Shaw was kidnapped on June 18 in Tbilisi.