102 Officers of the Elite Troops Quit the Army

(Tbilisi, Civil Georgia, July 19, 2002) – Today 102 officers of the Commando battalion and the special-purpose battalion of the Georgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) deployed at Kojori camp filed dismissal notices to the Minister of Defense.

Nika Janjghava, Acting Commander of the Land Forces is among the officers. He says that the reason of their decision is the unbearable conditions in the army. He told the Rustavi 2 TV channel that they have no demands, except for satisfying their request to quit.

Source in the Georgian MoD told the Civil Georgia that Nika Janjghava had disagreements with the Defense Minister David Tevzadze regarding his appointment as the Commander of the Armed Forces, as it was clear that his temporary appointment would not be followed by the final approval.

Defense MInister Tevzadze told the journalists today that dismissal of Jandjgava was reviewed for ‘unsanctioned release of information.’ The Minister did not disclose the details.