Three Electoral Subjects Secure 94% of Donations

Twelve electoral subjects registered for the October 28 presidential elections fundraised GEL 837,307 (USD 336,267) in monetary and non-monetary donations in the period from August 1 through September 11, according to the State Audit Office, an independent institution in charge of the political finance monitoring.

According to the State Audit Office, 94% (GEL 791,157) of total donations was received by three electoral subjects – the United National Movement (GEL 388,980), the European Georgia (GEL 293,156) and the ruling party-endorsed presidential candidate, Salome Zurabishvili (GEL 109,021). The remaining nine electoral subjects received a total of GEL 89,624 in monetary and non-monetary donations.

The United National Movement is leading in terms of monetary donations – GEL 385,480, followed by European Georgia with GEL 286,141 and Salome Zurabishvili with GEL 101,701. The latter donated GEL 40,000 to her campaign from her own budget.

The New Georgia party raised GEL 22,259 during the reporting period, followed by New Political Center-Girchi with GEL 8,943; the Free Georgia party with GEL 1,791; and the State for the People with GEL 400. The ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party and the Labor Party have not received any donations during the reporting period.

Besides donations, the co-called qualified electoral subjects also received budgetary funding in the reporting period.

18 political subjects received a total of GEL 1,099,203 (USD 441,446) from the budget. The GDDG is leading the list with GEL 173,420, followed by European Georgia with GEL 128,429; United National Movement – GEL 124,729; Labor Party – GEL 84,915; New Georgia – GEL 37,335; State for the People – GEL 37,335 and Free Georgia – GEL 14,266.

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