Grigol Vashadze Resumes Election Campaign

The opposition coalition led by the United National Movement resumed campaigning in the regions, with an indoor gathering in Kutaisi on November 4. The one-hour meeting was attended by leaders of the opposition coalition, as well as politicians from the European Georgia and the Republican Party.

Addressing his supporters and voters, presidential candidate Grigol Vashadze said the country needs “a multi-party, pro-Western coalition government composed of professionals.” The presidential-hopeful also echoed his earlier calls for early parliamentary elections, and stressed the need for reforming “one-party” political system.

Vashadze also named the judiciary reform as one of the key policy priorities for his presidency. The candidate said there has to be a human rights chamber established under the Constitutional Court. The High Council of Justice and the High School of Justice have to be reformed as well, according to Vashadze.

He also pledged to put an end to the “political police,” – to abolish the State Security Service, and transfer its function to counter-intelligence agency. Vashadze said the Chief Prosecutor and the Chief Auditor have to be nominated by opposition parties and civil society groups.

In his address, Vashadze also stressed the need for maintaining the National Security Council. “The country with such geopolitical and political situation like Georgia has no right not to have a security council, a coordinating body and a guarantee for public and state security.”

Grigol Vashadze touched upon the drug policy as well, vowing to amend the Constitution “to ensure that Georgia never turns into a drug plantation and the Georgian government never turns into a drug dealer.” He also explained that as president he will pardon all those who were convicted for purchase, storage and use of soft drug substances.

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