Court Rules Bail for Tbilisi Sakrebulo Member

Tbilisi City Court ruled on October 11 that Ilia Jishkariani, member of Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo), who was charged of sexual and physical violence against Tamta Todadze, a member of his staff, has to post a GEL 10,000 bail.

Jishkariani will not also be able to approach the victim or communicate with witnesses without a special permission.

The court hearing was held at New Hospital clinic, where Jishkariani was reportedly hospitalized with heart problems a couple of days ago and where he is still undergoing treatment.

Tamta Todadze’s lawyer, Tamar Lukava slammed the court ruling, claiming that the penal sanction cannot serve as a measure of protection.

However, Prosecutor Tamar Iakobidze considers the court ruling was “fair enough.” According to her, if Jishkariani violates the sanction, the prosecution will apply to stricter measures.

Jushkariani’s lawyer, Mariam Kublashvili strongly denies any violence against Todadze, noting that “relevant injuries are needed to prove the fact of beating.”

She also said following today’s court ruling that “bringing charges against a person does not mean that this person is unconditionally guilty.”

A preliminary court hearing into the case is expected to be held on November 18.

Reports about sexual and physical violence by Jishkariani emerged after Tamta Todadze told Mtavari Arkhi TV on October 4 that about a week ago Jishkariani tried to have a sexual intercourse with her, but after the latter’s refusal, he insulted Todadze physically and broke her mobile phone.

The Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against Jishkariani only 10 days after the incident, on October 8. On the same day, the prosecution granted the status of a victim to Tamta Todadze.

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