Stink Disrupts Parliament Session

Protest movement “For Freedom” which runs #Shame (#სირცხვილია) campaign, at the forefront of Tbilisi Protests, said in a Facebook post they smuggled a veterinary antiseptic liquid with strong smell (ASD-2F) to disrupt the parliament plenary which is to endorse the controversial Supreme Court nominees.

The session was cut short after MPs complained of strong revolting smell, some were reported as feeling faint and were treated by medics. The Parliament called in the police and forensics.

According to the Police statement, an investigation was launched under the article 117 of the Criminal Code “an attempt at grave injury to health” which carries a maximum sentence of 3 to 6 years imprisonment.

Speaking to the journalists, Speaker Archil Talakvadze said “It is regrettable, that after violent attack [on the Parliament] that we saw in June, and that received response from the state, today we saw what is probably a chemical attack on the parliament.” He said it was done by “UNM (United National Movement)-affiliated group”.

Talakvadze was referring to the protests on June 20-21 that were violently suppressed by the police, leaving some 240 injured. The ruling party claims this was a violent attempt at overthrowing the government, masterminded by the United National Movement. Although the investigation was launched in July, the case has not reached the court. In the meantime, human rights watchdogs protested the refusal of the courts to treat the injured legally as victims.

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