Georgia Joins Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group

Georgia has joined the Council of Europe’s Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs, commonly known as Pompidou Group, as its 41st member State on May 1, according to the Group’s statement released on May 6.

Pompidou Group is an inter-governmental body formed in 1971 at the initiative of the late French President Georges Pompidou. In 1980 it was incorporated into the institutional framework of the Council of Europe. As CoE’s drug policy cooperation platform the Group aims at contributing to “the development of multidisciplinary, innovative, effective and evidence-based drug policies in its Member States.”

“This decision is a follow up of the visit of the Executive Secretary to Tbilis[s]i in February, where he participated in the conference “Rehabilitation of drug-dependent prisoners – why should you care?” and had high level contacts with relevant ministries (Justice, Health and Social Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs),” the statement reads.

It noted that “the support of the Permanent Representation of Georgia to the Council of Europe also played a decisive role.”

“Georgia’s accession to the Pompidou Group takes place at a symbolic moment, when the country’s first chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers is coming close to its successful end,” the statement concluded.

The member states appoint Permanent Correspondents to the Group. As of May 6, Georgia’s Permanent Correspondent is not yet confirmed.

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