Georgian Politicians Reckon Russia behind Cyberattack on Health Ministry, Lugar Center

On September 3, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia said “one of the foreign intelligence services” carried out a cyber-attack against the Ministry of Health and the Lugar Center. The Ministry did not specify exactly which foreign services were behind the attack, however the statement said that an investigation had begun.

Georgian politicians from the ruling Georgian Dream party, as well as from the opposition think Russia might be behind the attack. offers their comments below:

The Governing Party 

Vice Speaker Giorgi Volski – “Georgian Dream”: “We can assume that the cyber-attack echoes the recent events – the exchange of intense statements with Russia, their unfounded allegations and our tough responses; However, it is a fact that our agencies worked quite professionally. What was published on that website ..[…].. the data, is mostly inaccurate… Regarding the subject of our state’s security, it is protected from cyber-attacks. In any case, this cyber-attack was repelled. This is not a threat only to Georgia. Any country can come under attack. However, it is hard to find out where the attack came from.”

MP Irakli Sesiashvili – “Georgian Dream”: “The country that produces Novichok is Russia. It is a fact that several people were murdered with this substance in modern-day Russia… First of all, I think this is connected to the Lugar Lab, the attempt by Russia to discredit U.S. – Georgian relations. Second, I think this is connected to our fight against COVID-19, because Georgia was very successful [in handling the public health crisis]… Russia does not want Georgia to be successful, so I think we can also await discrediting attempts in this regard. Also, considering everything, it is also an election period and it seems our enemies do not want Georgia to have a strong image.”

Opposition Politicians

MP Roman Gotsiridze – “United National Movement”:  “This attack is similar to piracy and banditry. They want to shift attention from Putin attempting to assassinate his main opponent Navalny towards a different direction and blame it on the U.S., as if the chemical nerve agent Novichok is being produced here with American assistance. In reality, Russian special services are in possession of that substance. The cyber-attack coincides with the statements made by Russian politicians and I think it is a direct attack on the country’s sovereignty.”  

Elene Khoshtaria – “European Georgia”: “It is clear that the cyber-attack came from Russian Federation. Generally, this is the way Russia confronts other countries and our state should take a very unambiguous stance… What’s most important today is that instead of being scared and whispering quietly about subjects such as this, our government should openly discuss that Russia is once again acting against Georgia’s national interests.”


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