COE Urges Russia to Pay to Georgian Deportation Victims

In a decision adopted during the 1383rd meeting of Council of Europe Committee of Ministers held on September 29 – October 1, Ministers’ Deputies expressed ”deep concern” that Russia has not yet paid compensation to at least 1,500 Georgian citizens deported from Russian Federation in 2006, and insisted on the unconditional obligation to pay the just satisfaction awarded by the Court.

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in January 2019 that the Russian Federation has to pay 10 million Euros in compensation for damages related to the mass deportation of Georgian nationals – a group of at least 1,500 – from Russia in 2006. The deadline for payment expired on April 30, 2019.

Noting that the preliminary informal consultations between the Secretariat and the Russian authorities have taken place since the last examination, the Deputies decided to resume consideration of this case at their 1390th meeting (December 2020) and in the absence of such tangible progress by 12 November 2020, instructed the Secretariat to prepare a draft interim resolution for consideration at that meeting.

According to the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, the interim resolution would be the first procedural step to launch the proceedings against Russia on the failure to meet the compensation obligations.

The case was earlier addressed during the 1377bis meeting held on September 1-3, where the Committee of Ministers expressed concern over the failure on Russia’s part to pay to the victims, adding that additional penalty fees would be assigned. Back then, the Committee voiced regrets that the Russian authorities did not enter into detailed in-person consultations with the Secretariat on the modalities for payment.

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