Public Defender, Religious, Ethnic Minorities Call for Inter-Ethnic Peace, Tolerance

The Public Defender of Georgia and Councils of National Minorities and Religions under the Ombudsperson, including various Christian, Muslim and Jewish denominations, as well as ethnic Armenians and Azeris of Georgia issued a statement on October 7, urging citizens, government and media to act in the interest of peace and tolerance in the country amid renewed hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

The statement called on the state bodies to actively cooperate with ethnic and religious minority communities and their leaders, to reinforce the environment of tolerance in the country. It then urged the citizens of Georgia to refrain from the possible use of ethno-national hate speech.

It also called on media outlets to abstain from disseminating information that may fuel tensions between various ethnic groups in Georgia.  

“The homeland of Georgian citizens is Georgia,” the statement underscored, adding that “we are obliged to show peace, tolerance and support for each other and to request the same from the government.”

“The parties to the conflict and the international community must do their best to stop hostilities and provide solid guarantees of peace,” the statement concluded.

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