Abkhaz War Veterans Call for Bzhania’s Resignation

Over 200 influential Abkhaz war veterans of the 1992-1993 armed conflict called today for the resignation of Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania and snap elections, Sokhumi-based Nuzhnaya Gazeta reported.

Veterans Garri Samanba, Alika Bgeu, Temur Kuchuberia and Vitali Tarnava, of the Amtsakhara party, said at the special press conference that after a year of Bzhania’s leadership the occupied region is entrenched in social, economic, energy and health crises, owing to “unprofessional management decisions and the absence of any development program.”

They also deemed as problematic Bzhania’s “foreign policy concept” which involves clauses over normalizing relations with Tbilisi. At the press briefing, Samanba also condemned Bzhania’s former aide Benur Kviraia’s recent controversial visit to Georgia proper, that sparked street protest in Sokhumi.

Meanwhile, Abkhaz media reported that Bzhania met a group of Abkhaz deputies, where he offered the legislators to draw up their own version of the “foreign policy concept” to address the concerns over relations with Tbilisi.

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