Baku Reacts to Dmanisi Disturbances

Reacting to May 16-17 events in Georgia’s ethnically mixed southern town of Dmanisi, Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Work with Diaspora said yesterday they do not rule out the possibility of the disturbance being a “deliberately organized provocation.”

“The recent events in the region, the historic victory of … Azerbaijan in the Patriotic War [Second Nagorno-Karabakh War], the sustainable development of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia are of serious concern to the enemies of peace and stability in the Caucasus region,” said the Azerbaijani Diaspora Committee.

The Committee called on “compatriots” – Georgian Azeris – “to exercise restraint, be careful, refrain from provocations and react to the process within the laws” of Georgia. It said the Committee is “sensitive to the incident in Dmanisi” and keeps it in their spotlight.

More about Dmanisi events:

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