Georgia in EP Recommendations on EU-Russia Relations

The European Parliament adopted today, with 494 votes in favor, 103 against, and 72 abstentions, recommendations for a new strategy on EU-Russia Political Relations, among others highlighting support for Georgia.

The text stresses that return to “business as usual” with Russia cannot be expected until Moscow “halts its aggressive policy and hybrid warfare against the EU, its Member States and the EaP countries, and the territorial integrity of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine is restored within their internationally recognized borders.”

The document highlights Russia’s foreign policy aims to destabilize and violate the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Moscow also supports frozen conflicts and does not respect ceasefire agreements in Georgia and Ukraine, according to the document.

According to the text, the 27-member-bloc needs to exert pressure on Russia to fulfill its commitments under the 2008 EU-mediated ceasefire treaty, and withdraw all its military forces from the occupied regions of Georgia.

The document underscores that “the EU’s failure to respond adequately to the various Russian aggressions since the one against Georgia in 2008 prompted Russia to continue aggressive military and political campaigns, both in its neighborhood and beyond.”

The European Parliament recommends that the EU launches a series of security compacts with EaP countries, including Georgia for increased investment and assistance in security, military, intelligence and cyber cooperation. “The EU should not see security coordination with these countries only through the prism of NATO enlargement,” the document stresses.

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