GD Chair Sees the Mark of the Beast Behind the Opposition

Ruling Georgian Dream party chair Irakli Kobakhidze said the apocalyptic number of the beast — six hundred and sixty-six — is hidden behind the opposition’s upcoming post-election rally in Tbilisi on Saturday.

Speaking with pro-ruling party Imedi TV late on November 4, MP Kobakhidze said: “They have gathered 400-500 people in different regions. They will gather here too [in Tbilisi], on November 6, at 6pm, trying to bring 6,000 people. They have revealed their code, this is their true face.”

The Georgian Dream chairperson said the United National Movement and other protesting opposition parties “have no resources either for street [fight], or for [snap] elections, nothing.”

MP Kobakhidze expressed his conviction that his party “very soon we will switch to a completely different agenda and there will be no mention of them [UNM] from our side.” Because, the GD chairperson went on, “even making a mention of them is damaging for Georgian politics, democracy and in general, for the development of our country.”

The United National Movement, the largest opposition party, and other opposition outfits are rejecting the results of runoffs of October 30 and plan the large-scale rally in Tbilisi on November 6. UNM also wants the release of the jailed ex-President, party founder, Mikheil Saakashvili, who has been on a hunger-strike since October 1.

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