Parliament Speaker Visits Madrid

Parliament Speaker Kakha Kuchava is participating in the 143rd Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union, a global forum of MPs, as part of his November 25-30 trip to Madrid.

Addressing the Assembly on November 28, Speaker Kuchava spoke of the Russian occupation of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region South/Ossetia, highlighting that “residents of these regions suffer from violence and unjustifiable discrimination on an ethnic basis.”

“They fight every day for saving their lives, they do not have access to proper medical treatment, education and their lawful interests are bluntly ignored,” said Speaker Kuchava, continuing on the humanitarian issues in the occupied regions.

Besides, the Speaker spoke extensively about the need for reinvigorating democracy and overcoming political polarization in his speech. “Polarization runs particularly deep, and the divisive trend continues [with] no end in sight,” Speaker Kuchava said. “My country is no exception in this regard.”

The parliamentary chairperson stressed the role of the legislature in preventing political competition from “veering into destructive polarization.” He said that in his capacity as the Speaker “I made it my priority to stimulate the constructive and inclusive dialogue and atmosphere in the Parliament.”

He stressed that the Georgian Parliament should build on “Georgia’s earlier progress in democratic development, human rights protection, building effective state institutions and implementing pro-Western foreign policies.” Speaker also called for pioneering new reforms oriented on establishing a “prosperous and peaceful society,” which would help with the 2024 EU membership application bid.

Outlining approaches necessary for “advancing democratic resilience and building strong communities and a sustainable future,” Speaker Kuchava advocated for strengthening the local governments, schools, families and public institutions. He also underscored the importance of political actors, media, civil society in “building a citizen-oriented future.”

In his address, the parliamentary chairperson also underlined the role of the legislative body in driving meaningful progress to mitigate the effects of climate change.

On November 27, the parliamentary chairperson said that on the sidelines of the forum he held bilateral meetings with his counterparts from around the world, discussing parliamentary cooperation, Georgia’s Russian-occupied territories, and regional developments. 

“Support of international partners is essential for Georgia’s de-occupation efforts,” Speaker Kuchava tweeted on November 27.

The Georgian delegation to Madrid includes Chair of Foreign Relations Committee Nikoloz Samkharadze, First Deputy Chair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee Khatia Tsilosani and MP Alexander Rakviashvili of the opposition Girchi party.

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