‘Major Concern’ if Le Pen Wins – Georgia’s President

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has said far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s potential win against incumbent President Emmanuel Macron in French presidential polls would be “a very major concern.”

Asked during MNSBC interview on April 10, whether it’s alarming for her that Macron may face a potential loss to “far-right challenger,” the President asserted “it is very alarming if that were to be true.”

“For us it is very important that most pro-European leader which is Emmanuel Macron, and that’s together with Germany’s Scholz and President Duda of Poland, [wins].”

“Those are the three leaders that make strong Europe. Europe that defends Ukraine, Europe that is opening up to the three associated countries – Georgia, Moldova and of course, Ukraine, first,” Salome Zurabishvili continued.

She stated that “it would be a very major concern to see closer to Putin candidate winning over the race in France.”

That would be the case for “all the countries that are dependent on strong Europe, Europe that has vision for its own future, vision for its partners,” noted Georgia’s President.

In French Presidential Elections on April 10, Macron received the first place with 28.4% votes, as runner-up Le Pen obtained 23.4%, as per national broadcaster France Télévisions, setting up a re-run of the 2017 election. But while in 2017 Macron easily crushed Le Pen in runoff, polls and experts suggest the centrist President won’t have an easy walk this time around.

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