Georgia Participates in U.S.-led Trojan Footprint 2022 Drills

U.S. Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) has concluded its annual premier special operations forces exercise in Europe – Trojan Footprint 2022 – with Georgia participating for the second year.

The exercise took place from May 3-14 and focused on improving the ability of special operations forces to “counter a myriad of threats,” increasing integration with conventional forces, and enhancing interoperability between NATO allies, according to SOCEUR.

Georgian forces underwent training alongside units from the U.S., UK, Romania, and Spain in both land and naval components throughout Eastern and Western parts of Georgia.

According to the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, U.S. Special Forces “proactively worked and trained” with NATO allies and European partners, including Georgian Special Operations Forces during the exercise.

“This joint, combined training in Europe will continue to build and strengthen the relationships with our allies and partners,” the Embassy said.

Overall 30 nations participated with 15 host nations and 3,300 personnel taking part in the drills.

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