Georgia’s Pro-Europe Protesters Appeal EU Council

Organizers of today’s massive pro-Europe rally in Tbilisi have appealed to the Council of the European Union / European Council, which will decide on Georgia’s bid on June 23-24, to grant the nation a candidate status.

“Now, when the most important step on our European path is so near, we hope that YOU will believe in us more than anyone else and grant Georgia the candidate status together with our friends Ukraine and Moldova,” reads the appeal.

The document, read out outside the Parliament building, underlined that “we believe in the future of Europe since there has never been any better alternative for us.”

“Georgia is one of the oldest European nations; throughout centuries we have never questioned our European destiny and made everything possible to approach the dream of every single generation of this country to reunite with the European family,” the appeal noted.

“We have believed in Europe more than anyone else throughout the last three decades after regaining of our independence and paid the ultimate price for our European choice: We believed in you more than anyone else, since with your uninterrupted help we were able to start the rebuilding of our nation.”

Earlier on June 17, the European Commission recommended candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova with an understanding that the countries carry on necessary reforms, while it recommended a European perspective to Georgia, with the country first required to meet conditions before reaching candidate status, including re-commitment to April 19, 2021, EU-brokered agreement as well as “de-oligarchization” among others.

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