Georgian Foreign Ministry Reacts to European Council’s Decision

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry has welcomed “the historic decision” of the European Council on granting Georgia a European perspective, noting that it represents a huge accomplishment and proof of the irreversibility of Georgia‘s European integration. Below is the full statement of the Georgian MFA, translated from Georgian into English by

“Today, the European Council adopted an important historic decision on granting EU membership prospects to Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine.

By the decision of the European Council, the leaders of the EU member states confirmed that Georgia’s future is in the EU and that Georgia will definitely become a member of the organization.

According to the decision of the European Council, Georgia, after implementing a number of recommendations, will automatically receive a candidate status, while Ukraine and Moldova were granted candidate status on the condition of the implementation of a number of recommendations.

By giving Georgia a membership perspective, the European Union has recognized Georgia as a European country and acknowledged the progress made in Georgia-EU relations in recent years. This result would indeed have been unattainable for Georgia had it not been for the reforms and efforts made by the country in recent years.

The decision of the European Council is of particular importance considering the challenges that threaten the Western value system and the security of Europe, of which Georgia is an integral part.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the decision of the European Council and the support of the leaders of the Member States throughout this process.

We believe this is a historic moment for Georgia and from now on the door to Europe is definitely open for our country.

Committed to common values, Georgia will continue pursuing an ambitious reform agenda together with the EU, ensuring Georgia’s final integration into the European Union.

Georgia will work actively to meet the recommendations in order to achieve the deserved candidate status as soon as possible and regain its place in the common European family.

Congratulations to our friendly Ukraine and Moldova on the European Council granting them candidate status.”

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