Opposition Marks 14th Anniversary of 2008 War

Members of the opposition marked the 14th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian 2008 August War and paid tribute to the memory of those who died fighting for Georgia.

Nika Melia, the chairperson of the United National Movement, said that it is those who died in the war who defended their homeland, and “only people recognizing no homeland, would dare to cast a shadow on their dedication and say that our brave men did not understand what they were doing and fought in vain.”

“Our brave men did not fight in vain, they sacrificed their most precious possession – their lives to save many other lives,” Melia declared. He added that 14 years on, there is a danger that “the sacrifice of our heroes may come to naught.”

“It is important for every citizen to understand that the threat our brave men were confronting remains as present as ever,” the UNM chairperson said and added that in order to save the country’s sovereignty, full mobilization and consolidation “around national interests” is needed.

According to ex-PM and For Georgia party chairperson, Giorgi Gakharia, “Today, when Russia is carrying out aggression against our brotherly Ukraine, and people are dying at this very moment […]the tragedy of 14 years ago felt particularly acutely for our country.”

Considering the current situation and security risks facing Georgia, Gakharia underscored the importance of common sense and “the unity we showed in 2008 when we stood as one in the face of the enemy to defend our dignity, freedom, and land.”

“We bow before our heroes! Their will, and that of our ancestors, [and] future generations, is a united, strong, European state – Georgia! Therefore nobody has […] the right to oppose that will,” Gakharia said.

“The dedication which Georgian fighters showed as gave up the most precious thing – their lives, will definitely bear fruit, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia,” Badri Japaridze, one of Lelo for Georgia’s leaders, proclaimed.

“14 years ago, on the evening of August 7, Russia carried out military aggression against the sovereign country, Georgia, and thus started the first war in Europe in the 21st century, which continues today in Ukraine,” Strategy Aghmashenebeli leader Giorgi Vashadze stated and added that “Georgia, and Ukraine, the civilized world will not tolerate Russian aggression and occupation!”

“The war started 14 years ago. Russia attacked us and we defended ourselves, we defended our country… August 8 is the day of the attack on us. It is also the day of remembrance of our hero warriors! Remember our heroes! Samachablo and Abkhazia are ours. Russia is an enemy and we must return our land and water. Glory to the heroes, glory to Georgia. We will definitely win,” proclaimed Citizens Party MP Aleko Elisashvili on Facebook.

“These people sacrificed themselves for us to preserve our statehood, sovereignty, and freedom,” Giga Bokeria, European Georgia chairperson, underscored. “What is happening in Ukraine today is the continuation of the same struggle, and it is our duty not to make this sacrifice lose its meaning, not to give anyone, both outside and within the country, the opportunity to sacrifice our freedom for their own interests.”

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