Georgia Celebrates Anniversary of Didgori Victory

Georgia marked today on August 12 the 901 anniversary of the Battle of Didgori, which led to the Georgian reconquest of Tbilisi from the 400-years-long Arab rule and the unification of Georgia under the Bagrationi dynasty.

The battle took place at Didgori valley, some 40 km away from Tbilisi, with the Georgian army led by King David IV Aghmashenebeli (the builder) defeating outnumbering Seljuk army led by Najm ad-Din Ilghazi, Artukid ruler of Mardin.

The event is referred to as a “miraculous victory” in Georgian historical sources.

Prime Minister’s Address

“The victory in the Battle of Didgori is an immortal example of the strength and perseverance, military glory, heroism, and attitude of the Georgian people, which in many ways determined the further development of our country,” the Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili declared in his speech during the anniversary event held in Didgori Valley.

According to the PM, the “brilliant victory – miraculous victory, won 9 centuries ago, which belongs to the series of the greatest military-strategic victories in world history, became a solid foundation for the strengthening and unification of our nation and state.”

“Unequal forces met in the Didgori Valley, but on our side stood an unbroken spirit, Georgian strength, perseverance, courage, and of course, the wisdom and courage of our great king, the holy king, David Aghmashenebeli,” PM Garibashvili underscored.

According to the Prime Minister, the victory at Didgori made it possible to liberate Georgia and gave birth to the golden age of Georgian history and the revival of political, economic, cultural, religious, and educational spheres. “With this victory, Georgia finally inherited the name of the strongest state in the region,” he said.

The PM reminded young people that “this was the day of victory of national, Christian values, on which the culture, history, and traditions of our country are based.”

“The Battle of Didgori and the victory of Didgori are a guide for each of our citizens…, the next generation should remember that with the unity of our country and people, with daily work for the motherland, we will be able to overcome the biggest challenges, unite our nation and make our country whole,” the PM said and added that “Didgori still has to be won!”

Defense Minister’s Address

Minister of Defense Juansher Burchuladze also addressed those gathered in the Didgori Valley and emphasized that “as the Battle of Didgori showed us, a strong army is the basis of a strong state.”

“That is why, together with our international partners, we are actively implementing important reforms in the direction of increasing the country’s defense capability and modernizing the army,” he said.

The Defense Minister stressed that “with our consistent defense policy, we will have an even stronger, more highly professional, and better-defended forces with Western standards.”

“I believe that as long as the future generation of Georgia grows up on the stories and examples of Kartvelian heroes, Georgia and the Georgian people will always overcome the challenges facing it,” said Minister Burchuladze.

“With united efforts, we must do everything for the unity and prosperity of the country,” he added.

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