Prisoner Injured at Mental Health Center Dies

The prisoner wounded at the Mental Health and Drug Addiction Prevention Center on 20 August has died. The Caucasus Medical Center, where he was being treated for his injuries, confirmed the information to

According to his family, the deceased’s body was taken to the Samkharauli Forensic Bureau for examination.

The incident in question took place on the morning of 20 August at the Mental Health and Drug Addiction Prevention Center. According to the investigation, during a shift transfer, the prisoner sneaked up behind an employee of the Special Penitentiary Service in charge of escorts, stole his firearm, and after attempting the first shot, fired a second time in the officers’ direction, and later – at his own head, inflicting significant damage.

The Special Investigation Service (SIS) announced on 22 August that the officer in question was arrested as part of the investigation. According to the SIS, the prisoner was able to sneak up on the officer, steal his weapon, and injure himself “as a result of the negligent action of the officer…,” after which he fell into a comatose state.

The prisoner’s mother spoke with journalists after her son was injured and demanded, “How did a gun get into my son’s hand… How did he shoot himself? Explain this to me.”

She also denoted at the time that according to her information, her son was going to be returned by law enforcement to prison from the psychiatric hospital. “They decided that in one day the boy was cured but the boy was not well, he was not ready to be taken to prison,” she said.

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