Bzhania: Abkhazia Ready to Join Union State of Russia and Belarus

In a 25 August interview with Russian media personality Vladimir Solovyov, who has close ties with the Kremlin, Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania expressed the occupied region’s readiness to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

The Union State, made up of Russia and Belarus, is a supranational organization aimed at deepening relations between the two nations through the integration of economic and defense policy.

Per Sokhum-based apsnypress, Bzhania stated, “In the case of such a prospect as the Union State of Russia, Belarus, and other states that would like to join this union, we would be happy to support this idea and be full members of this state.”

“The idea [of the Union State] is close to us, close to the people of Abkhazia, [and] this is in our national interests,” he emphasized.

Per the Abkhaz leader, Abkhazia “understands the need for a strong alliance with the Russian Federation in the new reality, when the unipolar world has collapsed.”

Bzhania claimed that following the “successful completion” of Russia’s war against Ukraine, “a completely different reality will come, and based on who shows himself to be a true friend of Russia, a new outline of the Union State will be created…”

In that context, Bzhania spoke of the growing interest of Belarusian business in Abkhazia and denoted that “negotiations are underway” and a joint Belarusian-Abkhazian project is being prepared. He expressed hope that the joint economic project will lead to closer relations with Belarus.

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