Another Georgian Fighter Killed in Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to that another Georgian fighter was killed in Ukraine.

According to media reports, the killed fighter is Gela Gogia, who was fighting in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Gogia was mortally wounded as a result of a missile attack on his unit.

The Ministry denoted that the Georgian Embassy in Ukraine has been informed. The Georgian Embassy in Ukraine has informed the deceased’s family and is working on transporting his body back to Georgia.

Romeo Parulava, who is also fighting in Ukraine, told TV Pirveli that three other Georgians, as well as one Ukrainian, were injured alongside Gogia.

According to Parulava, the three Georgian fighters and one Ukrainian have been taken to the hospital for treatment and are doing well.

Note: The article was updated on 27 August at 19:50 to reflect Gela Gogia’s identity.

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