Georgia-U.S. Special Forces Training Exercise Ends

On 30 August the final exercise of the Joint Combined Exchange Exercises (JCET) was conducted between the Marine Special Operations Forces of Georgia and the United States Marine Special Operations Forces.

Captain Giorgi Kavtaradze, a Special Operations Forces Officer, said that during the training, personnel “received and successfully performed various combat tasks.”

“The aim of the exercises is to share experience between the elite units of the special forces, to increase mutual compatibility and operations, which is a prerequisite for stability and security,” Captain Kavtaradze emphasized.

According to the Georgian Ministry of Defense, the two-week exercise included various training components, including coastal reconnaissance, sea-to-land infiltration/exfiltration, coastal/ashore raids, ambushes, tactical training, and a close-range marksmanship course.

JCET of the Special Operations Forces is systematically conducted and representatives of NATO member and partner countries take part along with the Georgian military.

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