The Both Sides Are Responsible for Situation in Abkhazia – UN Special Envoy States

Georgian and Abkhazian sides are responsible for the security of the UN observers and downing UN mission helicopter, news agency Caucasus Press reports, quoting UN special envoy in Georgia Dieter Boden.

“The sides have not fulfilled the agreement achieved between President Shevardnadze and Prime Minister of self-declared Republic of Abkhazia Anry Jergenia in Tbilisi, about dissolving military units in Abkhazia”, Dieter Boden stated today in Sukhumi after meeting with Anry Jergenia.

UN special envoy in Georgia expressed concern regarding termination of peace talks by the Georgian and Abkhazian sides. The meeting of Coordinating Council was scheduled for today, put it is postponed for a period. Tbilisi officials announced that they are ready for the negotiations, however it seems that Abkhazians do not wish to renew the peace talks.

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