Compromise in CUG

(Tbilisi. December 21. Civil Georgia) – Two days before the upcoming congress of the Citizens’ Union of Georgia (CUG) on December 22, opposing sides within the party succeeded to compromise and are ready for further cooperation.

On December 20 ex-Chairman of the Parliament Zurab Zhvania and Governor of Kvemo Kartli region Levan Mamaladze – leaders of the two opposing factions within the party – met each other and agreed to give the CUG last chance and not to disband the party. 

After the meeting, Secretary General of the CUG Edward Surmanidze stated that the party would be represented in the Parliament with one faction. After President SHevardnadze stepped down from CUG Chairmanship in September, former members of the Citizens’ Union formed several competing factions in the Parliament.

Surmanidze also stated that no “cleansing” of the party will take place. It was announced earlier that the “young reformer” wing of the party led by Zurab Zhvania was planning to consolidate the leadership positions within CUG and “cleanse” those in opposition. Member of the reformers’ team, Chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security Giorgi Baramidze announced that Zhvania’s supporters will have to cooperate with party members with different mentality.

The compromise postpones the decisive confrontation between opposing factions within the CUG until the next party congress to be held no later than May 15 2002.

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