US Military Experts Assisting Georgia to Secure its Territorial Integrity

(Tbilisi, February 27, Civil Georgia) – Today a meeting was held between the US military experts with the representative of Defense Ministry and General Staff of Georgia.

According to member of the delegation Elmer White, Eurasian Branch Chief of US United Headquarters, the Train and Equipment program was discussed at the meeting, “which is designed to allow the Georgian military to better secure its territorial integrity and provide its own security”.

“The train and equipment program is a natural expansion of our ongoing security cooperation between Georgia and United States”, he said. The program was initiated last year.

According to Deputy Chief of General Staff Joni Pirtskhalaishvili, the issues of further training of Georgian troops were discussed at the meeting.

These days US and Russian mass media has been disseminating information that the US Special Forces are being dispatched in the mountainous Pankisi gorge region of Georgia.

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