NATO Assists Georgia in Anti-Terror War – Lord Robertson Says

(Tbilisi, March 19, Civil Georgia) – “The best way for Georgia to deal with the problem of terrorism is to have the capabilities, to have the armed forces that will be able to tackle the problems that affect the country from inside and outside,” NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson stated after the meeting with the Georgian President on March 18.

“And that is why individual NATO countries as well as NATO itself are helping with the reshaping of Georgia’s armed forces so that Georgia will be in a better position itself to deal with the kind of pressures and problems that it faces today,” George Robertson said.

Georgian President Shevardnadze stated at the joint press conference that main purpose of the US specialists’ presence is to help Georgia to implement reforms, taking into account NATO standards.

“The main use of those combat units will be in antiterrorist measures carried out by Georgia itself,” President Shevardnadze stated.

Before arriving in Brussels on March 18, Eduard Shevardnadze visits German where he stated that membership in the NATO is Georgia’s long term goal.

President returns from Brussels to Georgia on March 19.

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