Parties Welcome Appointment of Russian Presidential Envoy for Abkhazian Conflict

(Tbilisi, April 2, Civil Georgia) – Georgian Foreign Affairs Ministry welcomed appointment of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Valeri Loshchinin as the President Putin’s personal representative for the Abkhazian conflict settlement.

Georgian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Kakha Sikharulidze says that the appointment is a step forward towards the settlement of the Abkhazian conflict.

Unrecognized government of Abkhazia also expressed hope that the appointment will push forward peace process.

Russian President Vladimer Putin appointed Valeri Loshchinin as his personal envoy for the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict settlement on April 1.

From the Georgian side, Head of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic Aslan Abashidze is the Georgian President’s personal representative for the conflict resolution.

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