Abkhazians Deny Dispatching Military Hardware Near Kodori

(Tbilisi, April 4, Civil Georgia) – Ruslan Kishmaria, head of Gali district of breakaway Abkhazia deny reports that Abkhazians send military hardware to the Kodori gorge entrance.

At the meeting with the Georgian side in Chuburkhinji, Gali district on April 4, Kishmaria said that Abkhazia will fulfill protocol signed on April 2.

According to the protocol Georgian Defense Ministry is to withdraw its units from upper reaches of Kodori gorge, the only part of breakaway Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government, by April 10.

Abkhazia side, in return should pull back the troops and armor it has deployed in Tkvarcheli region.

Reports said earlier that Abkhazian side prepares to dispatch additional forces to Kodori entrance as Georgian troops are leaving this strategic gorge.

At the same time Kishmaria said that Abkhazia intends to carry out military exercises in the nearest future, as Sokhumi [breakaway Abkhazian capital] fears that Georgia might launch military operations against Abkhazia.

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