Intelligence Chief Says Abkhazians, Russians Intend to Take Over Kodori

(Tbilisi, May 16, Civil Georgia) – Avtandil Ioseliani, Chief of Georgian Intelligence Department states Abkhazian and Russian sides plan to carry out military operation in Georgian controlled Kodori gorge, breakaway Abkhazia.

“According to our information Abkhazian separatists together with the Russian soldiers intend to take over Kodori gorge. Together with Abkhazians and Russians fighters from the North Caucasus Republics are mobilized,” Ioseliani said at the news briefing on May 16.

He stated that in April Russian officers visited Georgia’s breakaway region and consulted with the unrecognized government on the details of the operation in Kodori.

On April 12 armed Russian peacekeepers deployed in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone landed in Kodori. Tbilisi considered Russian move as an aggression against Georgia’s sovereignty.

After the protest Russian troops had to leave the Georgian controlled territory.

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