Georgian State Minister Holds Talks with Abkhazian Prime Minister

(Tbilisi, May 20, Civil Georgia) – Avtandil Jorbenadze, Georgia’s State Minister, and Anri Jegenia, prime minister of breakaway Abkhazian republic, are meeting in Gali, Abkhazia, on May 20. Representative of the UN General Secretary in Georgia Dieter Boden is also attending the meeting.

Perspectives of the peace process, situation existing in Kodori gorge and the social and economic problem existing in Gali region, mostly populated with Georgians, are discussed at the meeting.

The Georgian side demands to make the peace zone 10 kilometers larger and the Abkhazian side remains to insist on withdrawing Georgian troops from Kodori gorge, the only territory in Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian government.

While referring to the talks in Gali President Shevardnadze stated in his radio interview today that “Georgian and Abkhazian sides should enter a new phase of relations as soon as possible, otherwise everything might turn worse”.

Shevardnadze also pointed out that just border guards remain in Kodori gorge right now and their presence there is not forbidden by any agreement. “In case any forces express aggression against the peaceful population of the gorge this will be the end of peace process”, the Georgian President stated.

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