Missing Georgian Border-guards Detained by Russians, Interior Ministry Says

Two Georgian border officers, who went missing from the Lagodekhi-Dagestan section of the Georgian-Russian state border, are held on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement today.

Reports that the two officers were apprehended by the Russians emerged earlier today, with Tbilisi-based Reginfo.ge saying the officers were presumably detained on June 27.

The Interior Ministry confirmed that the incident took place yesterday after the two officers were deployed to the Lagodekhi-Dagestan section of the state border to set up a temporary summer post in the area, but gave no further details about the incident.

“We lost contact with the officers after a certain period of time and launched a search operation; at the same time, we established that they were on the territory of the Russian Federation,” reads the statement.

The Interior Ministry also informed that the officers would be transferred to Georgia tomorrow. “The Georgian side will inquire into the incident and carry out all relevant procedures once border officers return,” it added.

Lagodekhi Municipality of Georgia borders the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation, with the border running across the Caucasus range. While many passes are closed in winter, they re-open in the summer season, which necessitates opening of summer observation posts.

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