COVID-19: Georgian President Urges Citizens to “Abide by Law and Stay Home”

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili addressed the nation a day before the Easter Eve, appealing to the public to “stay at home” and abide by the state of emergency regulations.

In a televised address, the President stated that “one of the most trying times in our country’s history is nearing, and we are only at an early stage of this period.”

Zurabishvili underlined, that “there is no time for restfulness and complacency,” and that “on the contrary, a critical phase of internal transmission will start shortly, which will lead to drastic surge in the number of cases, and may spell significant increase of death toll.”

In her address, the President highlighted government’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus and noted, that it had succeeded in delivering “timely and effective response [to the pandemic] at the outset,” and, hence, it placed Georgia at the vanguard of countries battling the disease.

The head of state voiced support for all policies and measures undertaken by the government.

President Zurabishvili stressed, that in order to worthy of “being a[n independent] state,” it was mandatory to comply with the laws, and that the struggle for statehood “today means abiding by the law and staying at home.”

The President also highlighted the forthcoming Easter holiday, stating that she – “as the guarantor of the [the 2002 constitutional agreement between Georgian state and the Georgian Orthodox Church] – recognized that “the Church should conduct religious service, even in an altered way in some cases.”

“Whoever may try and wish to sow discord between the state and the church, will fail to do so,” concluded Zurabishvili.

“Those of us staying at home may join the worship from our houses and by this – strengthen our unity and solidarity. I am certain, that by means of joint efforts, the Law will remain the Law and, as we had hitherto managed to overcome the crisis, we will be able to tackle the tough days of tomorrow,” noted the President.

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