Lelo Presents Team to Run for Adjara Supreme Council Elections

On August 17, Lelo for Georgia – party established by TBC Bank founders Mamuka Khazaradze and Badri Japaridze – presented its team to run through party list and majoritarian ballots in the Adjara Supreme Council elections.

An incomplete party list of persons, with three women and ten men, includes:

  • Giorgi Tavartkiladze – financier
  • Vazha Darchia – scientist and civic activist
  • Maka Tsintsadze – lawyer
  • Mikheil Kavtaradze – lawyer
  • Giorgi Darchia – architect
  • Zviad Diasamidze – historian
  • Eka Davitadze – an expert in mass communications
  • Gocha Zhgenti – traumatologist who also has a degree in forest engineering
  • Raul Paksadze – traumatologist
  • Sabri Brunjadze – psychologist
  • Ivane Pirtskhaleishvili – economist
  • Davit Mamuladze – allergist
  • Gulnara Abashidze – a medical doctor

As for majoritarian candidates, Genadi Tebidze and Merab Abashidze will run in Batumi single-mandate district and Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi, and Khulo district, respectively, to take seats in the Supreme Council of the autonomous region. The party has yet to nominate a majoritarian candidate for Kobuleti.

Irakli Kupradze of Lelo for Georgia told Civil.ge that the order in the proposed list is conditional and subject to change.

As stated in Adjara’s Law on Supreme Council Elections, the parties are required to present at least an 18-member party list, which can also include majoritarian candidates. Lelo has so far unveiled the names for 13 persons for a proportional list and two as majoritarian candidates.

The Supreme Council of Adjara is a 21-member body, currently composed of 15 deputies elected through party lists and 6 elected as majoritarians. In October, however, in line with recent changes adopted for Georgian Parliament’s composition, Adjara Supreme Council’s members elected through party lists will increase to 18 and the number of majoritarians will decrease to three. The boundaries of three Adjarian majoritarian constituencies for the Adjara Supreme Council and Georgian Parliament will also coincide.

Party Leader’s Remarks in Batumi 

Speaking at the event in Batumi Boulevard, Mamuka Khazaradze pledged to turn Batumi from the city of casinos into the center of new technologies and innovations.

Banker-turned-politician slammed the ruling Georgian Dream party for chaotic construction in the city, as well as nepotism and corruption persisting in the region. Khazaradze then promised locals to create new jobs through the development of shipbuilding and fishing.

Earlier on August 12, Lelo for Georgia presented majoritarian candidates from Adjara to take seats in the Georgian Parliament.

  • Jambul Khozrevanidze for Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo
  • Irakli Kupradze for Batumi
  • Paata Tsivadze for Kobuleti

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