Georgia Targeted in Disinformation, Armenian Official Says

Eduard Aghajanyan, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Armenia, released a statement on October 7, calling on his compatriots not to give in to disinformation presenting Georgia and Georgians as supporters of Azerbaijan in the ongoing conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Aghajanyan spoke of the recent “concerning tendencies” in social media, where “certain fake accounts, which are being operated from known and unknown centers, try to influence public perception, presenting Georgia and Georgians as supporters of the Azerbaijani side in the conflict.”

“I urge you not to give in to the provocations and abstain from producing and disseminating such misinformation,” he wrote, underscoring that respective government agencies of Armenia and Georgia are cooperating effectively to settle the urgent issues, with many of them already solved “due to mutual efforts.”

“The millennium-old friendship of our fraternal nations cannot be questioned, as it is based on deeply shared value-systems. Hence, I once again call on you not to give in to directed provocations and maintain solidarity with the people of Georgia in online and offline spaces,” the Chief of Staff concluded.

Earlier on October 6, the Embassy of Armenia to Georgia also denied social media allegations of Georgia blocking fuel and humanitarian aid to Armenia, calling it a “misinformation.”

Disinformation regarding Georgia’s indirect involvement in the ongoing hostilities over Nagorno-Karabakh has been repeatedly denounced by Georgian officials as well.

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