U.S. Embassy Deeply Disappointed by GD’s ‘Rushed Passage’ of Administrative Code Changes

The U.S. Embassy to Georgia said on April 29 that it is “deeply disappointed” by the ruling Georgian Dream party’s “rushed passage” of amendments to the Administrative Code of Georgia, which toughened penalties for petty hooliganism and police disobedience, among others. The U.S. Embassy said, “expedited passage of these amendments was unnecessary and unhelpful.”

In a starkly worded statement, the U.S. Embassy underlined that “the lack of meaningful consultation with opposition parties, civil society and other stakeholders raises questions about the purpose of the amendments.”

“The April 19 agreement among Georgia’s political leaders calls on the parties to act together in good faith to reduce the deep polarization that undermines Georgia’s democratic progress. Georgian Dream, as the majority party in Parliament, has a special responsibility to ensure the April 19 agreement is implemented in that spirit, and to govern transparently and inclusively,” highlighted the U.S. Embassy, adding that “by failing to consult fully with stakeholders on such important legislation, the ruling party has fallen short on this occasion.”

“It is time for all parties, especially Georgian Dream, to work together in Parliament to address the priority issues of importance to the people of Georgia,” concluded the U.S. Embassy. 

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