Elisashvili – The Citizens: Tbilisi Sakrebulo Proportional List

The Central Election CommissionΒ releasedΒ the proportional party lists for Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo) ahead to October 2 local elections.Β Overall 31 parties have presented candidate lists.

Below is the list of the first 10 Candidates registered by Aleko Elisashvili – The Citizens, among them 5 women, 5 – men.

  1. Patmani Barjadze
  2. Giorgi Rekhviashvili
  3. Tinatin Gugunava
  4. Nino Charkviani
  5. Nato KirvalidzeΒ 
  6. Sulkhani Namchevadze
  7. Roman Melkadze
  8. Maka Pridonashvili
  9. Mikheil Abramishili
  10. Shalva Karelidze

Recently amended Election Code, as per EU-brokered April 19 deal, has significantly increased the share of proportionally elected candidates in Sakrebulos, for 40 elected proportionally and 10 as majoritarians in Tbilisi Sakrebulo from 25/25 ratio. The amendments also lowered the party threshold in the proportional vote to 2,5% in Tbilisi and 3% in remaining municipalities across Georgia.

Party has not presented its candidate for Tbilisi Mayoral elections.Β  Elisashvili – Citizens earned 6th place in 2020 Parliamentary Elections with 1.33% of total votes.

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